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What Haunts

Since childhood I have found old cemeteries strangely fascinating. The weatherworn stones that lean at odd angles. The lost names and stories of long gone faces. But I have never been afraid, only curious. These people had lives and dreams just like you, just like me. Did they have regrets? Did they live aware of the beauty of the world, or focus only on the hardships and disappointments? What haunted them as they approached their last moments?

What haunts you? What do you still want to accomplish? What stories do you have to give the world?


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  1. My grandparents lived in a rambling victorian beside a cemetery. Visitors would admire the property and especially the views of the Ohio River. However, they would often remark that they could never live so near a cemetery. My grandpa would always tell them he trusted the living far less than he feared the dead.

    My ghosts are the what ifs.

    Thank you for this piece. It is

    1. My grandparents lived by a cemetery too, Kim. I always thought that made for very peaceful neighbors.Thank you for sharing your grandfather’s wise words. And yes, I am plagued by what ifs and if only-s also.

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